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Guidance: If you want to be serious about publishing your manuscript, then attention must be paid to the actual craft of writing: the narrative structure, sentence rhythm, and the very vocabulary of your work. That is where a professional editor can help: to fix what is not working, to provide a fresh perspective, to conduct a mini-course in writing—to work from within and bring out the best in your manuscript.

Experience: My resume extends from New York’s largest publishing house, to the industry’s most exclusive literary agencies; from prominent academic publishing to niche do-it-yourself magazines. Word Pill has edited and/or published the work of spiritual visionaries, Balkan scholars, punk rock musicians, and even a Nobel prize winner. In addition to all this, I am the author of two novels, published by New Europe Books, distributed by Random House.

Support: You don’t care any less about your writing than somebody who is already widely published. Neither does Word Pill: any editor will tell you that the greatest satisfaction comes from the discovery of a fresh, new voice. Along these lines, book development and creative coaching are also available.

Cost Effectiveness: Have a look at Word Pill prices on the Editing Services page, and feel free to ask for a quote.

Sample Chapter: Time allowing, I am happy to edit a chapter, up to 2000 words, of your full-length manuscript, free of charge.


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